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Education-to-Workforce Indicator Framework


Twenty questions essential for E-W data systems to answer about how students are progressing from early education through career—and using the answers to guide action.

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Ninety-nine student outcomes and milestones and related system conditions associated with economic mobility and security, plus guidance on how to measure them.

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Twenty-five characteristics that E-W systems should use to break down data, plus guidance on how to collect them.

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Twenty-six examples of practices shown to move the needle on key outcomes and system conditions, plus guidance on how to select them.

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Seven principles for centering equity throughout the data life cycle to encourage more ethical and effective data use, plus guidance on how to apply them.

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About the Framework

The E-W Framework offers guidance for using data to promote equitable outcomes and economic security for all. Developed with input from leading experts from over 15 national and community organizations, it highlights key connections needed between systems to support students as they progress from early education through their career.


E-W Framework Report

The E-W Framework report (August 2022) lays a foundation for organizations to work together to share data across sectors to support students as they progress from early education through their career. Reflecting input from over 30 experts and more than 40 frameworks, the report offers guidance for what matters most to measure and how to use data to drive positive change.

News & Events

Webinar on Aligning Data Systems to Address Disparities from Pre-K Through the Workforce

Register now for this event on June 13 to hear experts discuss the critical questions longitudinal data systems must be able to answer and how the E-W Framework can inform data modernization efforts.

June 13, 2023

Education, the Workforce and the Imperative to Connect the Data Dots

In this blog post, Allan Golston of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation describes how the E-W Framework can help officials assess current data systems and identify opportunities for change.

May 31, 2023

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